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Staying Competitive in the Construction Industry Part 2

The adage “it takes money to make money,” is all too familiar to anyone familiar with the construction industry. Success for contractors often depends on the projects, techniques, and equipment that they decide to invest in. Moreover, contractors that fail to invest in technology often fail altogether. In part one of this two-part article, we discussed general practices that contractors can employ to get a leg up on the competition.

Now, a Wichita contractor lawyer at Cotney Attorneys & Consultants will discuss how contractors can utilize advancements in technology to remain competitive in the construction industry. For all of your construction-related legal needs, consult with one of our Wichita contractor attorneys at Cotney Attorneys & Consultants.

Take Flight

Drones are now flying over project sites all across the country, allowing contractors a chance to easily monitor updates, progress, and workers on multiple jobsites. These unmanned aerial vehicles may be used for surveys and inspections that would otherwise require workers to climb to dangerous heights. Furthermore, you can stand out from the crowd by offering owners and government agencies a pre-bid walkthrough from the bird’s-eye view of a drone. Consult with a Wichita contractor lawyer for information on the regulations regarding the use of drones on project sites.

Build a Model  

Much like prefabricated construction, building information modeling (BIM) emphasizes planning in advance to control as many variables as possible. BIM uses computer models to predict project costs and potential setbacks. In addition, many project owners and government agencies now require the use of BIM as a way to safeguard their investments. With the advent of advanced software like this, you can’t afford to let your company rely on antiquated methodologies.

Invest in Software   

Continuing with software trends, construction management software can provide support to virtually every aspect of your business. This software can keep track of scheduling, change orders, and budgets with a level of accuracy that is impossible with traditional methods. Mitigate potential issues before they become a problem with on-the-fly adjustments. Anticipating problems and hurdles is key to keeping costs low, creating a safe work environment, and remaining competitive.

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