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Streamlining Projects With Pre-Construction Planning Part 1

Embarking on a new commercial project is no small feat. However, before one brick is laid, it is crucial to ensure the pre-construction phase is solid. Pre-construction planning is central to the successful implementation of a construction project. This phase is more than a quick overview, it helps to determine the viability of your project. Our Sarasota construction lawyers understand that getting construction projects off to the right start is the key to avoiding legal disputes.

This two-part series will delve into the importance of pre-construction planning. For more insight, be sure to read part two of our article.

What Happens During the Pre-construction Phase?

The pre-construction phase involves performing preliminary planning that defines the project as a whole as early as possible so that parties can get the most efficient use of their money and resources. Pre-construction planning also enables project teams to make well-informed decisions as they define the scope of work, determine scheduling, timelines, and project costs. Project teams take the time to understand the project goals, develop a strategy, and assemble a team of contractors and suppliers. For example, the availability of key material and supplies are confirmed in this process. A master schedule and site logistics are developed as well.

Pre-Construction Planning Puts Everyone at an Advantage

Meeting with your clients is the first step in the pre-construction process. This is your opportunity to define the client’s project, understand their objectives, and what problems they would like to resolve. This step will ensure that all construction documents are coordinated, project results are predicted, and budget goals are attained. It also ensures that a team approach is established and allows subcontractors to contribute to project objectives. Collaborative project planning and scheduling is an invaluable step in the successful completion of the project.

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