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Streamlining Projects With Pre-Construction Planning Part 2

Our Jacksonville construction lawyers know that today’s construction climate is fraught with legal battles. It is imperative that construction professionals find ways to streamline their processes to encourage project success; The pre-construction process provides them the opportunity to do so. There are some critical areas that will require your attention. We will discuss these below. To learn about what happens during the pre-construction phase as well as the benefits this stage can yield to your project, read part one of our article.

Critical Areas of Focus

The pre-construction phase is critical. This is the time when every decision is made, changed, and finalized. To achieve success, the following factors should be considered and defined:

The Project Objectives: Your objectives should support the goals of the project in measurable ways. Without clear communication of these objectives, a lot of time and effort can be wasted. Use this time to evaluate the project from start to finish and address any issues such as design, compliance, quality, and finances.

A Well-Planned Schedule: The longer a project takes to complete, the more expensive it becomes. An outlined schedule helps minimize downtime and ensures that the project is completed on-time and on-budget. Be sure to address scheduling issues beforehand to avoid project delays. If you experience any project delays, be sure to document these thoroughly; in the event that a dispute arises, a Jacksonville construction lawyer will be better able to defend any claims against you.

An Outlined Budget: Preliminary costs estimates and cost adjustments done during this phase help keep the project on budget and without major surprises. Currently, the cost of materials can put contractors in a bind, if realistic estimates are not prepared, it can have a major effect on your bottom line.

Impacts On Project Outcomes

In terms of schedule and costs, pre-construction planning has a significant impact on the overall project because costs and scheduling are done upfront. As a result, this can help decrease the number of schedule changes as a result of identifying problems much earlier in the process. Project teams will see fewer unexpected costs because cost savings will also be identified upfront.

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