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Stronger Together: Diversity in Construction Part 1

Diversity and inclusion can only bring positive change to the construction industry. Change that is entirely necessary considering the labor shortage that is currently affecting every corner of the construction industry. Like a bundle of sticks compared to a single twig, a diverse construction force is stronger and much less likely to buckle from outside forces, such as labor shortages and a fluctuating economy.

In this two-part article, a construction attorney in Wilmington, NC, will discuss the positive impact that inclusion can have on the construction industry and the steps that firms can take to foster diversity. At Cotney Construction Law, we offer services tailor-made for the construction industry. For any construction-related legal needs, please consult with a contractor lawyer in Wilmington, NC.

We Need Everyone

With no end in sight to the labor shortage, the construction industry can’t afford to overlook workers based on their race, ethnicity, gender, or creed. In a survey conducted by the Commercial Construction Index, the majority of contractors report a moderate-to-high concern with finding workers with adequate skills. The construction industry can combat this issue by embracing diversity in an industry where Hispanic representation is rising. All in all, diversity brings with it a larger labor pool that can provide the skilled labor the construction firms are so desperately seeking.

Communication is Key

Diverse workforces are more actively engaged and, believe it or not, happier. With improved engagement and communication comes a safer and more productive work environment where workers are more willing to come forward with concerns and innovative ideas. Additionally, workers that come from varying backgrounds will approach problems differently, leading to increased creativity and improved problem-solving. All of this adds up to a workforce that is safer, more productive, more innovative, and more profitable.

For more information on how construction firms can embrace inclusivity and diversity, please join us for part two.

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