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Summer Safety Tips for Contractors

Sweltering Florida summers make construction work even more difficult than it already is. As temperatures rise, the amount of energy your workforce exerts increases, which can lead to dehydration, overheating, and heat stroke. Even low-impact tasks like surveying the project site can take their toll when temperatures regularly creep into the nineties. As a contractor, it’s your legal obligation to maintain a safe and healthful workplace, which means you have to provide your employees with the training and knowledge to work safely in the summertime. In this brief article, the Lakeland construction attorneys at Cotney Attorneys & Consultants will discuss summer safety tips for contractors and their workers.

Stay Hydrated

Hot weather means thirsty workers. Make sure your workers are instructed to bring a refillable water bottle to the construction site and provide a refilling station for them to stay hydrated. You may also supply water bottles. Workers need to understand that drinking water should be something they do continuously throughout their shift, not just when they get thirsty. Proper hydration protects you from the heat and helps prevent heat-related illnesses. Soda, energy drinks, and sports drinks aren’t advised as a viable replacement for water. If one of your workers is injured as a result of a heat-related illness, consult a Lakeland construction attorney.

Replenish with Healthy Foods

While it’s impossible to control what your workers eat, it’s important to at least make an earnest attempt to influence their eating habits for the better. Do they understand the risks of eating nutritionally deficient foods during work hours? If not, it’s up to you to inform them how to eat right for long hours in the sun. The sun isn’t the only thing that saps energy. Unhealthy foods sap energy, too. Here are some tips for your workers:

  • Eat a light lunch to maintain alertness and energy
  • Eat fruits, vegetables, and proteins
  • Avoid junk food
  • Eat slowly to stifle hunger

Rest and Be Your Best

Energy management is vital in the construction industry. Workers who overexert themselves day in and day out will suffer from burnout, so rest is essential for success. While meeting your project deadlines is one of your most important duties, it’s impossible to achieve this goal with an exhausted workforce. If you can convince your workers to get eight hours of sleep every night, you’ll benefit from a refreshed workforce every day. Rested workers perform tasks more efficiently and possess the alertness to avoid the types of mistakes that lead to workplace injuries and fatalities.

Working on the project site in the summertime can feel like a kid with a magnifying glass is kneeling over you and scorching you with concentrated ultraviolet beams, especially in the State of Florida. Make sure your workers are protected this summer by sharing these summer safety tips with them.

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