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Surefire Ways to Increase Productivity on Construction Projects Part 1

It’s no surprise that the construction industry has long battled productivity problems. Yet, we must all understand that the industry is nothing like it was in the past—projects are becoming bigger and more complex. Plus, there are many hindrances to productivity including the industry’s current labor shortage, strict regulations, and even mismanagement of change orders on projects.

Regardless, companies must find ways to tackle this productivity issue, and our Sarasota construction attorneys believe that a focus on technology, data, productivity training, and contracts can help. Read this section and part two to learn more.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

According to a SmartMarket Report by McGraw-Hill Construction published back in 2011, 800 construction professionals were surveyed and “66% reported improved project schedules, 65% reported decreased project costs, and 77% reported reduced construction site waste.” Additionally, the report found that the use of prefabrication was ideal for improving productivity, gaining a competitive advantage over the competition, and generating a better return on investment.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Technology

Adopting new technology is one of the fastest ways to increase productivity. To eliminate wait times and reduce the occurrence of rework, implement technologies such as project management software, onsite productivity software, building information modeling software, and mobile technology to provide teams with real-time updates to further reduce delays. Project management software is a great tool for optimizing cash flow, storing data, and processing inefficiencies in the construction project.  

Use Data to Improve Planning

Proper planning is necessary to put your project on the right path, but first, your team has to start by analyzing your entire construction process to determine areas of weakness. This can be accomplished successfully through consistent and accurate data management. When beginning a new project, analyze previous project data to eliminate barriers to productivity.  

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