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Surefire Ways to Increase Productivity on Construction Projects Part 2

As Sarasota construction attorneys, we know that there are many moving parts to a construction project. Mismanagement and inefficiency can impact a project tremendously. This is why companies must focus intently on increasing productivity. When construction productivity increases, everyone benefits because projects are completed faster, costs are reduced, and companies increase their profits.

In section one, we discussed technology, data, and productivity training. In this final section, we will focus on contracts, productivity training, and communication.

Tweak Your Contracts

Drafting and negotiating a construction contract can be an exercise in patience for every party involved. Naturally, both parties are looking to protect their own interests. Sometimes contracts can be one-sided and lead to tension between parties. Entering a flawed contract puts the project and your company at risk for liabilities. When this happens, legal issues can ensue and you will find yourself seeking the services of a Sarasota construction attorney.

Contracts set the tone for your projects and business relationships, so be sure they are balanced and foster team-friendly collaboration. Ensure that the contract language is specific, money matters are addressed, and you have the proper risk coverage.

Implement Productivity Training

Training does not end when an employee is hired. This goes for management as well. It is imperative that you focus your training efforts on not only how to operate equipment properly, but also on how to increase productivity. Productivity training is about making more progress and achieving goals in less time—this level of productivity demonstrates efficiency at its best.

Improve Communication

Communication is so important on jobsites because poor communication can impact the level of productivity that can be attained on a project. Communication challenges on jobsites can range from a disconnect between construction officers, managers, and skilled workers to misunderstandings about design and implementation, and even language barriers. However, as with all strategic initiatives, leadership should create and communicate a clear strategy when utilizing a prefabrication model for a project. Technology is one tool that can be leveraged to enhance project communication.

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