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Survive the Heat: Safety Tips for Construction Professionals Part 1 featured image

Survive the Heat: Safety Tips for Construction Professionals Part 1

The construction industry is known as one of the top industries affected by heat-related incidences. A safe and productive workplace is a must to ensure your workforce remains safe especially during the summer months. To keep the entire crew safe, our OSHA attorneys urge employers to establish training and education programs to make everyone aware of the dangers of working in extreme heat. This two-part article is filled with timely tips to get you started.

Employer Responsibility

Our OSHA lawyers want to ensure that our clients understand their responsibilities regarding OSHA law. As a construction employer, you are responsible for protecting your workers during excessive heat. Heat-related illnesses are considered safety hazards, therefore, every workplace needs a prevention plan in place to protect workers from extreme temperatures. Responsibilities include training employees, planning for emergencies, providing water, frequent breaks for rest, and monitoring workers for signs of illnesses. If you need further assistance, OSHA attorneys are a valuable resource for staying in compliance with OSHA safety regulations.

Drink Plenty of Fluids

Not surprisingly the first tip is to stay hydrated. The average person probably drinks water only when they feel thirsty. You cannot afford to be reactive when working in construction. You must drink even when you don’t feel thirsty and in regular intervals. We recommend keeping ample water within reach and drinking several cups of water every hour. Additionally, soda, excessive caffeine, and energy drinks should be avoided. However, drinks with electrolytes like Gatorade and even coconut water are highly recommended as well because they help replenish the minerals you lose while sweating.

Eat Right

An individual’s eating habits can have a good or bad effect on them. Energy should fuel your body not drain it. This is especially important when performing physical activities outdoors. When it’s hot outside, foods that are high in fat and full of grease will do you more harm than good. Load up on fruits, vegetables, proteins, and grains instead. To get the most out of your body, it’s recommended that you eat a heavier—healthy—breakfast in the morning, and keep your meals lighter for lunch.

To learn more, head over to part two for more helpful tips.

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