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Tackling the Pressures of Subcontracting in Construction Industry featured image

Tackling the Pressures of Subcontracting in Construction Industry

For every successful general contractor, there is a team of highly skilled and qualified subcontractors. Subcontractors are extremely important to the construction process, yet they face challenges daily that threaten their longevity in this industry. In this article, our Memphis contractor lawyers will briefly discuss some of the challenges subcontractors face as well as how to create general contractor and subcontractor relationships that will stand the test of time.

Challenges Subcontractors Face

Cash flow issues are one of the top challenges for many subcontractors. From paying wages to securing lines of credit, subcontractors are typically fronting a range of construction costs. The type of provisions in the subcontract matters. If the contract contains a pay-if-paid provision the risk lies heavily on the subcontractor. If a pay-when-paid provision is in place, timing is the only factor: The subcontractor is paid when the contractor is paid. Among other issues are:

  • Worker shortages
  • Changing regulations
  • Document management
  • Technology integration
  • Keeping up with industry trends

All of these issues threaten a subcontractor’s ability to increase their bottom line and keep their business afloat. If you are a subcontractor in Tennessee looking for legal assistance, the Cotney Construction Law team is here for you. A reputable Memphis contractor lawyer from our office can assist you with contract negotiation, review, and drafting. We can also provide legal counsel, representation, or defense in areas related to timely payment, liens, dispute resolution, immigration, and contractor licensing.

Building Strong General Contractor-Subcontractor Relationships

Finding reputable subcontractors takes skill. When maintaining good partnerships with subcontractors, general contractors should be proactive about making the relationship a two-way street. Practice the following:

  • Clear communication
  • Paying them on time
  • Hold them accountable
  • Ask for their input

Although they are an independent entity, it is important to treat subcontractors as if they are a valued part of your team, just as you would an employee.

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