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The Importance of Contract Review and Drafting by a Construction Attorney

A construction contract is a binding agreement between two or more parties involved in a construction project. Upon finalization of the contract, all parties involved are obligated to fulfill their duties and promises outlined in the contract. Contracts are a vital part of the construction industry, and each detail of the contract is just as important as the next. The slightest fault in a contract could mean devastating losses to a construction business if things go awry. So it is very important that all the parties entering into a contract thoroughly understand their duties, obligations, and expectations prior to finalization of the contract.

Many contracts are constructed using legal terms, or legalese, that can make the terms and other important details of the contract difficult for readers to understand. Instead of seeking the assistance of a knowledgeable construction attorney to review a contract or other legal documents, many choose to skim rather than read a contract before signing it. If you are unaware of what a contract contains, you could potentially face costly litigation and attorney fees when issues arise.

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Cotney Attorneys & Consultants provides construction review and drafting services for all areas of construction law including construction liens, bond claims, construction litigation, construction arbitration, bid protests and more. Our office of experienced and qualified construction attorneys in Tampa can assist you with reviewing and drafting of legal documents that will help protect your rights and assets, as well as minimize risk.

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