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If you own a company that has immigrant workers, you’ve already made an investment in their success. You want them to be a valuable contributor to your business and reach goals in their own career. However, if your employee’s visa paperwork is not up to date or if they have received a prior conviction, even if they pleaded “no contest”, they can be detained and eventually deported. For their sake and the sake of your company, it’s important that they hire a Tampa ICE attorney to protect their rights.

About ICE

United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement or I.C.E. is charged with the task of enforcing our country’s policies on employing individuals who are not eligible to work in the U.S. They carry out this duty, primarily, through detaining and removing non-citizens. If your employees have been previously arrested for a number of charges including felonies, traffic misdemeanors, or battery, they can be detained by I.C.E. The arrest does not have to be recent. This is especially impactful when individuals attempt to travel or apply for citizenship. During these processes, the previous arrest may surface and cause a major issue. Having a Tampa ICE attorney on your side is crucial.

What Happens if Your Employee is Detained?

If I.C.E decides to detain your employee for a past conviction or a violation of their visa status, they will likely be sent to one of five detention centers in the state of Florida. These include the Krome Service Processing Center, the Broward Transitional Center, or the Glades County Jail in South Florida. They may also be sent to the Baker or Wakulla County Jails in North Florida. It’s critical to have an ICE lawyer present to potentially negotiate their release.

How the Tampa ICE Lawyers at Cotney Attorneys & Consultants Can Help?

Facing ICE detention can be scary for your employee, especially if it’s for a visa violation that they may not be aware of. Our Tampa ICE lawyers are adept at working with the enforcement organization and can protect your employee’s rights in a number of ways. We can determine why ICE is detaining them. Also, if they are already in jail, we can find out if there’s currently an ICE hold. If ICE decides to go forward with removal proceedings, we can represent your employee and protect their rights.

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