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There is a tremendous pool of talent available throughout the world. Millions of ambitious professionals are eager to get to the United States to pursue their careers and opportunities to make a better life for their families. Pairing foreign professionals with U.S. companies is possible, but often challenging. The immigration process is detailed and complex. If you are considering adding foreign talent to your company, it’s highly advisable to speak with a Tampa work visa attorney from Cotney Attorneys & Consultants.

Why Are Tampa Work Visa Lawyers So Important?

As mentioned previously, the immigration process is complicated for businesses and individuals. Additionally, missteps in this process can prevent you from procuring the talent your company needs or lead to compliance issues with the Department of Homeland Security. A Tampa work visa attorney works with you to ensure that your employees have the correct visa for the role they play in your company. An attorney can also help companies petition for visas on behalf of employees. Additionally, they understand the importance of ensuring that you are I-9 compliant and can guide you through this process and prepare you in the event of an I-9 audit.

Why Cotney Attorneys & Consultants?

The Tampa work visa lawyers at Cotney Attorneys & Consultants know the importance of compliance within the immigration process. There’s a wealth of talent around the world that can help your company, but the process can be costly, if not handled properly. Our attorneys are well-versed in immigration law and can work with your company to make sure that your employees have the proper visas and that you are compliant.

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