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Teen Workers on the Construction Site

The construction industry continues to be afflicted by labor shortages. As the demand for projects steadily increases, construction firms and contractors are doing everything they can to keep up. One such measure is the hiring of teen workers to assist on construction sites.

With the inclusion of young workers, there comes the need for contractors to observe additional laws and guidelines aimed at protecting their less experienced employees. In this article, Naples contractor lawyers at Cotney Construction Law will detail the rules in place for teen workers and important things to consider when a teen worker joins your construction project.

The Laws for Teen Workers

No matter the state, teens under the age of 16 are limited to certain job roles, and may only be able to perform office tasks on a construction project. They are also limited in the amount of hours they can work, especially when school is in session. Teens over the age of 16 are still subject to limitations. While teens over 16 can work unlimited hours, they cannot perform any job that has been declared hazardous by the Secretary of Labor. These prohibited hazards include the operation of motor vehicles, power and band saws, and compactors. Follow this link for a complete list of tasks that are considered too hazardous for teens under the age of 18.

Things to Consider

No matter their age and role, teen workers should be provided with the supervision, training, and safety equipment needed for them to excel at their jobs. It is important that teen workers understand the risks and responsibilities associated with the jobs that they are expected to perform. Never ask a teen worker to perform a task that they are not comfortable with or to lift anything that may cause injury. After all, it is your responsibility as an employer to ensure that all workers on your jobsite are kept safe. In the event that a teen worker is injured on your jobsite, a Naples contractor lawyer can address any concerns that you may have.

Despite the previous limitations and concerns, the hiring of teen workers can be beneficial for teens and contractors alike. The training and experience that the teen worker receives may be instrumental to their careers, and the construction industry will be all the better for having added a valuable member to its workforce.

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