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Under OSHA law, employees can file a complaint and request an inspection if they feel their workplace is unsafe. It is the employer’s duty to provide employees with a safe and healthy work environment. This means ensuring the workplace is free of hazards, providing the proper tools and protective equipment, and reporting incidents such as injuries and fatalities that have occurred.

Preventing Workplace Accidents and Liabilities

Putting measures in place to prevent workplace accidents starts with an awareness of the standards and regulations set forth by OSHA. Employers are legally required to comply or else face costly penalties. If you are unaware of OSHA safety requirements, consulting with a Texas OSHA lawyer is highly recommended. Prevention includes eliminating hazards, conducting safety audits, and enforcing safety rules and procedures.

How Texas OSHA Lawyers Help Employers

Employers are often bombarded with the endless responsibilities of running a business. Even those that are well intentioned may fall short of some of OSHA’s most important regulations. Countless businesses have found themselves in news headlines as a result of an employee’s severe injury or death. You do not have to be one of those unfortunate employers. We know OSHA’s extensive regulation list can be daunting, but we’re here to help you with:

  • The inspection process
  • During informal conferences
  • Contesting a citation
  • Negotiating lower penalties
  • Establishing preventative practices
  • Litigating citations

Why Cotney Attorneys & Consultants?

A lawyer that is well-versed in OSHA law is critical to the success of your business. Our firm has over a decade of experience helping employers with workplace safety. We partner with construction industry professionals as well as other industries to assist with all your OSHA-related needs. We are committed to being your partner and advocate to ensure your workplace stays safe, healthy, and credible. Let the Texas OSHA lawyers of Cotney Attorneys & Consultants help you stay in compliance and avoid the severe penalties that come with OSHA citations.

If you would like to speak with an experienced Texas OSHA lawyer, please contact us today.

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