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The Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace

In recent years, more and more workplaces are making an effort to prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Companies of all sizes are creating DEI initiatives and investing in appropriate resources. These actions are good for business and can result in a more robust workforce.

Why Diversity Matters

In the workplace, diversity refers to your organization’s intentions in employing people with varied backgrounds and characteristics, such as gender, race, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation, education, and other factors. It is easy for companies to follow old patterns, doing things the way they have always done them before—and that can be true in hiring as well. You may find it easy to recruit new employees from the same hiring pool that you have used for years. However, when you do that, you may be missing out on great opportunities.

Gaining New Outlooks

When you employ people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, your company gains new perspectives. Workers with different experiences can offer insight into products and processes that other workers might have overlooked or never considered. But these new ideas may appeal to your customer base and help improve your company’s performance.

Enjoying a Broader Talent Pool

If your company is like many others, you may post your open positions in the same place over and over. While this can seem tried and true, it is important to realize that times are changing. Prospective employees might not be looking where you are posting. When you commit to a DEI approach, you might post your positions as usual, but you might also attend different networking and recruiting events or post on sites and in publications you have not tried in the past. This approach will provide you with a wider talent pool, which is increasingly important given today’s staffing shortages.

Being More Innovative

When you employ people who have the same general backgrounds, their problem-solving skills may be similar too. However, when you employ workers with varying backgrounds, they may offer creative solutions, leading to incredible breakthroughs for your business.

Seeing Improved Performance

Studies have shown that a welcoming environment of different cultures and outlooks helps employees feel more accepted. When you encourage diversity of backgrounds, beliefs, and thoughts in your workplace, you are telling your employees that they are appreciated for who they are. This atmosphere allows them to feel more comfortable and secure, which in turn enables them to produce their best work.

When your employees are respected for who they are—and they know their ideas and outlooks are valued—they will be more committed to their work and your company’s mission. That commitment will likely result in a higher rate of success for both your workers and your bottom line.

Final Thoughts

Creating a DEI initiative for your company may be daunting, and along the way, you might experience resistance from longtime employees who cling to traditions and long-enjoyed processes. Be patient with them and help them see the advantages that diversity can bring.

If you have questions about increasing your workforce diversity and how to get everyone on board, you may want to consult legal counsel. The experienced employment attorneys at Cotney can walk you through the legal aspects and offer advice specific to your company.

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