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The Benefits of Drone Mapping for Construction Professionals Part 2 featured image

The Benefits of Drone Mapping for Construction Professionals Part 2

Thanks to technological advancements, construction companies are more efficient than ever before. Due to the inherent complexity of the construction industry and rising costs, construction companies can utilize technology such as drone mapping make their work more cost effective and much more valuable.

In this section, our Jacksonville construction attorneys list more drone mapping benefits. Read part one to learn about the first three benefits. Part three will conclude our series.

A Solution to the Labor Shortage

It is a challenge to find qualified people to fill construction jobs. Drone mapping can maximize production for companies that perform their own in-house surveying and mapping. For instance, drones can map a 100-acre site in minutes. This decreases the need to hire more people to perform these tasks. Utilizing drones on a project comes with tremendous cost savings in the form of reduced man-hours. Any upfront costs your company incurs can be nullified when drone technology is effectively leveraged.

Complete Jobs Faster

Ease of deployment is another benefit of drone mapping. With drones, a survey job can be completed in less than half the time of traditional survey methods. Traditionally, mapping a site could take weeks, but drone mapping can accomplish this task within days, so there is no need to hire additional staff to accomplish this objective.

Increase Bid Wins

The construction industry is competitive. Winning bids is a challenge, but drone mapping can help construction professionals win more contracts relative to companies that rely on outdated methods for capturing data. Mapping can accurately return job site data up to 200 times faster than data capture done with a traditional ground survey team. For example, a 100-acre site can be mapped in less than an hour. This is also advantageous because if there are any issues or changes that need to be made, quick results can be obtained through mapping.

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