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The Benefits of Net Zero Construction Trailers

Simply put, the “net zero” concept describes a building that utilizes energy efficient technologies such as photovoltaic cells, geothermal heating and cooling, thermal batteries, and occasionally wind and electric batteries to achieve “net zero energy consumption.” While we are still light years away from net zero construction sites, certain parts of the project site, like the construction trailer, are already being outfitted for net zero outcomes. In this article, the Ft. Myers construction lawyers at Cotney Attorneys & Consultants will discuss the Net Zero Jobsite Trailer introduced by a Chicago-based construction firm, Pepper Construction, and its potential for increasing the sustainability of construction sites nationwide.

Introducing the Net Zero Jobsite Trailer

Last November, Pepper Construction introduced the Net Zero Jobsite Trailer at the Greenbuild show in Chicago. The 12×60-foot trailer features a super-insulated shell and is outfitted with an array of office-style commodities. As the construction industry continues to embrace green construction and sustainability, newer and more efficient technologies, like the Net Zero Jobsite Trailer, will become more and more prevalent. However, up until now, very little thought and consideration went into what is arguably one of the most important workspaces on the project site: the jobsite trailer. Improving this jobsite staple is one way that contractors can embrace sustainability and continue the construction industry’s shift towards a brighter tomorrow.

Features of the Net Zero Jobsite Trailer

Some features of the Net Zero Jobsite Trailer include:

  • Cement fiber panels outfitted with daylight-sensing light fixtures on the trailer’s exterior.
  • 27 photovoltaic panels to convert sunlight into electricity to compensate for the energy demands of the trailer.
  • Sound absorptive ceiling to improve conference room communication. It also utilizes a biophilic organic pattern to give the conference room a unique aesthetic, making it a decidedly more impressive meeting space than those found on the traditional jobsite.
  • Walls, roofing, and flooring with R-values of R-30 to R-40.
  • Outfitted with Red-List free furniture and materials. The Red List includes materials that pollute the environment, bio-accumulate until toxic, or harm workers.
  • Designed for paperless business.
  • Occupancy-sensing air conditioning.
  • Locker storage and transformable workspaces.
  • Full kitchen with brand new amenities to encourage healthy habits.

This new technology is bound to help contractors work more efficiently, connect with workers more closely, procure more lucrative contracts, and improve jobsite sustainability.

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