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The Benefits of Utilizing the Cloud Part 1

You have probably heard the term “The Cloud” before, but it’s alright if you aren’t exactly sure what this means. To most people, cloud-based technology is something they definitely use and appreciate; however, they may not really understand exactly how the technology helps them manage their daily tasks. For construction professionals, cloud-based systems are rapidly changing the industry for the better. From highly sophisticated applications to the smartphones in our pockets, cloud-based technology is all around us and makes managing and collaborating on projects a much more efficient and effective process.

In this four-part article, we are discussing ways that cloud-based systems help contractors and other construction professionals successfully do their job. Remember, if you are in need of legal counsel, please contact a Nashville construction lawyer today.

What is the Cloud?

So what is the cloud? It’s best to think of the cloud as the internet. To add on to this, it’s a hosted platform that allows its users to access the web remotely. This web-based platform also offers pretty much an endless supply of hard drive storage as well. Whether it’s a Google Drive or opening an app on your smartphone, the cloud is the hosting system that allows its users to utilize this technology and share information with each other from anywhere in the world.

Offers Flexibility to Construction Professionals in Payment

Perhaps the greatest benefit of cloud-based platforms is the flexibility in payment. Like Netflix or Amazon Prime, cloud-based systems are “pay as you go” meaning that you do not need to be locked into a long-term contract or invest in a piece of equipment that is taking up space in your home or office. This payment model eliminates the stress of “investing” in an evolving technology.

No Installation Needs

The cloud is also not a software program that needs to be installed onto several computers to access. For construction companies, this is ideal considering the employees on the worksite can see the same information remotely as the employees in the office. Simply put, cloud-based systems are changing the way construction professionals are collaborating and taking on projects.

Cloud-based systems offer construction companies a plethora of other benefits. As we will discuss in the second, third, and fourth sections, a web-hosted platform allows construction professionals to work together like never before.

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