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The Benefits of Utilizing the Cloud Part 3

In this four-part article, our Nashville construction litigation attorneys are educating construction professionals on many of the benefits that web-based platforms, commonly referred to as “the cloud,” provide to construction companies. In the first and second sections, we discussed how cloud-based technology can conveniently store essential documents for a project in an orderly and useful way. In this section, we will focus on other ways in which the technology provides construction professionals with an even more professional workplace.

Promotes Professionalism

In the modern day business world, the vast majority of communication is done via email. In fact, many reliable business relationships are done strictly through online correspondence. Cloud-based platforms like Microsoft Outlook or Gmail allow companies to create their own domain name in their email address. This free service gives your construction company a more polished and professional look when corresponding with clients.

Along with a sleek email address, construction companies can access group chats as well within these email services. This allows all of the employees within a company to have direct messaging capabilities under a single domain identity. This ensures that the construction company has continuity in regard to their online correspondence and also convenient communication resources to utilize with each other as well. As we will discuss in greater detail in the next section, on a grander scale, this same type of collaborative effort can be incorporated into an online project management software application as well.

Coordinating Tasks

Email services also offer professionals the ability to create a calendar that can be accessed either on the office desktop or via the smartphone. The ability to “calendar sync” all of your important events, deadlines, and responsibilities not only notifies a construction professional of their own essential tasks, but can also keep everyone within your construction company collectively aware of the important tasks assigned to each individual in real time as well. This ensures that everyone working on a project is on the same page at all times.

Technology That Promotes Teamwork

Between labor, equipment, material costs, and a long list of other critical elements, construction projects have many moving parts and many things to consider when taking on these challenges. In an antiquated system, it’s easy for a contractor to become so concentrated on one essential task that a variety of other tasks fall by the wayside. Incorporating a web-based platform into your construction projects allows everyone on the project access to this vital information and keeps them up-to-date on the most essential details they require to perform their tasks to the best of their ability.

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