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The Benefits of Utilizing the Cloud Part 4

Available in a “pay as you go” format, the cloud gives everyone from huge construction companies to small businesses affordable access to this highly sophisticated technology. As we discussed in the first, second, and third sections, the cloud offers many benefits to construction companies from organizing documents into a shared folder to giving a business a more professional look via their email domain to keeping everyone’s tasks detailed on a digital calendar.

One final benefit the web-based technology provides is that it allows collaboration on projects like never before. With access to online project management software applications, all of the relevant parties on a construction site can access documents, files, notes, and valuable information from anywhere. They can then analyze and even edit this information simultaneously. This provides professionals with the valuable insight they need on a project in real-time. As Nashville construction attorneys, we know that there is no debating that cloud-based applications will only be featured more and more in future construction projects.

Collaboration on Projects

The majority of construction tasks require the attention of a number of professionals. In fact, a project needs input from several key members including the contractor, architect, developer, owner, subcontractors, suppliers, manufacturers, and many other specialized professionals. Having a web-based platform that allows these individuals to share detailed notes with each other and then allows each person to provide individual insight into the project is an extremely convenient and productive way to complete tasks.

Keeping Track of These Changes

Along with utilizing a medium that allows professionals to share and edit valuable information, these applications also provide timestamps that track the exact time and date each person added this information. This allows the team members to not only provide valuable insight into the project, but also ensures that everyone is “in the know” on the newest information in regard to a project. This way construction professionals can collaborate and seek approval to perform tasks in a much more efficient way.

Preventing Liability Issues

Along with file and document sharing capabilities, an underrated part of this technology is that it also can help prevent disputes from transpiring on a project. For example, if a contractor shares an important document with a subcontractor and the subcontractor contributes to the document, it’s much easier to prove in litigation that the subcontractor viewed the document and was aware of the content when there is a timestamped record of the interaction.

With cloud-based technology, long gone are the days of paper shuffling of essential documents or tasks being miscommunicated between professionals on a project.

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