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The Challenges of Owning a Construction Business and How a Construction Subscription Plan Can Help

There can be a great deal of satisfaction in owning your own construction business. From scheduling your own hours to being your own boss, there’s no denying the perks. However, there’s also a lot of responsibility and potential liability that comes with owning your own business. Especially in the construction industry where one project can make or break you.  

In this article, a Tallahassee construction lawyer with Cotney Attorneys & Consultants will cover three of the challenges that face the modern day contractor. We will also discuss how investing in a subscription plan with a construction law firm can help alleviate these issues. For sword and shield protection, learn more about our affordable, monthly subscription plan services today.  

Disputes Always Begin With the Contract

Contracts are king in construction. This is largely because contractors need to come to terms with a variety of other professionals for a ton of reasons. For example, a contractor will need to sign a contract with an owner for all of their construction contracts. They will also need to come to terms with other professionals like subcontractors, suppliers, and other vendors. Lastly, their own workforce will need to have a contract in place to reduce liability. 

All of these types of contracts need to be clearly worded. They also need to feature clauses and specific language that consider topics like risk management on projects. Some contracts will contain hidden clauses to the detriment of the contractor; whereas, other contracts will require added provisions. Because contracts are the main culprit that leads to disputes on construction contracts, contractors that consult our Tallahassee construction lawyers for all of their contract needs will greatly reduce liability. With a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum monthly subscription plan in place, construction businesses that invest in any subscription plan that we offer can enjoy unlimited contract review to safeguard their business and prevent disputes from arising.  

The Work on the Jobsite Presents Many Risks 

Construction work relies on a well-orchestrated, cohesive unit that can effectively and efficiently complete projects on time. From scheduling efforts to communication through onsite and offsite means, there are a variety of elements within and beyond the contractor’s control that can determine the success of a project.  

Whether it’s identifying a hazard, changes to the scope of work, or maintaining a relationship with subcontractors and suppliers, whenever a potential issue arises on the jobsite, contractors may require legal advice at the drop of a hardhat. With a subscription plan in place, construction businesses receive instant access to a team of knowledgeable construction attorneys whenever they need them. The best part is that this benefit is not only limited to the business owner or a few high-level executives; project managers, superintendents, safety directors, human resources (HR) employees can all pick up the phone and be in touch with an on-demand attorney when they need legal advice. Simply put, when an issue arises on the jobsite, a subscription plan can offer protection.  

Tracking Financially Responsibilities 

As if avoiding issues within the construction contract and on the jobsite weren’t enough to deal with, construction business owners have to focus on their business’s bottom line. 

Some financial concerns for every construction business owner include:

  • Allocating funds for payroll
  • Leasing, renting, or purchasing equipment
  • Analyzing material costs
  • Dealing with delayed cash flow issues
  • Managing cost overruns on projects
  • Financing the backlog of projects
  • Ensuring every worker is covered by workers’ compensation insurance

These above financial concerns are just the tip of the iceberg. Construction business owners have to also consider other financial obligations outside of their work, including the funds they allocate to their legal needs. Of course, one eye-opening bill from an attorney can derail months of savings. With a subscription plan in place, employers can effectively budget their legal spend by paying a fixed monthly rate for all of their non-litigation legal needs. When you remove hourly billing from the equation of 99 percent of your legal needs, your construction company will have a firm grip on budgeting for legal services, so you can focus your efforts on what you do best: growing your business.         

Representing All Your Legal Needs

A construction subscription plan can cover your contract needs, give you access to an attorney, and help you effectively budget your legal spend for all of your non-dispute issues. Another benefit of partnering with a construction law firm is that we are here to represent you for any of your legal needs, including those issues that go beyond the scope of our subscription plans. If you are involved in a dispute with an owner, our law firm can help. We have valuable experience representing construction clients in litigation, arbitration, mediation, and other legal proceedings. If you are entangled in a construction dispute, consult an experienced Tallahassee construction dispute attorney to address your legal needs.    

If you would like to speak with a Tallahassee construction mediation attorney, please contact us today.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for general educational information only. This information does not constitute legal advice, is not intended to constitute legal advice, nor should it be relied upon as legal advice for your specific factual pattern or situation.