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The Dangers of Mobile Phones on the Project Site

Mobile phones are everywhere. They’re hidden inside classroom desks, gripped in the off-hand of drivers, and stuffed in the pockets of your workers. Basically, they’re everywhere they should and shouldn’t be. On the project site, mobile phones are starting to be treated more like a tool and less like a distraction, but they still present a considerable danger for those who aren’t responsible enough to use them in the appropriate manner.

In this brief article, a construction attorney in Franklin, TN, from Cotney Attorneys & Consultants will discuss the dangers of mobile phones on the project site. As a contractor, it’s vital that you are cognizant of how mobile phones can affect the performance of your workers and the overall success of your project. Failure to administer a clear set of rules or guidelines pertaining to mobile phones could lead to defects, disputes, or something else entirely. Don’t let your construction company fall victim, consult a construction law attorney in Franklin, TN, today.

Distracted Drivers

Whether a worker is operating something as small as a pickup truck or as large as a crane, it’s imperative that they don’t allow themselves to be distracted when driving on the project site. Contractors should outright prohibit mobile phone use when operating a vehicle. It only takes a second for a serious incident to transpire out of seemingly nowhere, especially when operating heavy machinery. 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is fully aware of mobile phone use on project sites, and they’re starting to take action alongside law enforcement, insurers, and potential civil litigants. 29 CFR § 1926.1417(d) already forbids the use of mobile phones when operating cranes and derricks. Needless to say, if you can’t manage your workers who are responsible for operating machinery, you’re putting your business in grave danger. 

Multi-Employer Project Sites

When engaging with subcontractors on a project, you must be careful not to violate OSHA’s policy pertaining to project sites with multiple employers. If a subcontractor is cited for an OSHA violation relating to mobile phone use, it could have a negative effect on other employers connected to the project. Furthermore, it could be determined that this violation was ultimately your fault, which could affect your bottom line or suspend construction. Fortunately, a construction lawyer in Franklin, TN, can assist you with all of your OSHA-related legal needs.

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