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The Future of Construction Site Surveillance Part 4

As technology becomes more advanced, the construction process will continue to become more effective and efficient. Of course, sometimes projects will go over budget or experience delays because of a variety of reasons; however, as Nashville construction attorneys, we know that if we implement the right resources into projects to quickly address problems when they arise, this will benefit everybody in the construction industry.

Technology That Streamlines the Building Process

As we discussed in the first section of this four-part article, Doxel has created autonomous devices called rovers that can self-navigate around the entire perimeter of the workplace scanning for important measurable data that relates to a construction project. As we discussed in the second section, this intel is then uploaded to a cloud-based system that allows it to be algorithmically measured and processed. In the third section, we educated you on how this “deep learning” data can be sent to a construction manager’s smartphone so they can review it and be aware of any areas of the work that need to be addressed.

As we will discuss in this final section, this technology may address many important problems in the construction industry and improve the building process. This also means that projects will experience fewer delays and be less prone to going over budget.

Case Study of Lidar Technology

Although this rover scanning technology is only in the embryo stage, it has shown promising signs of improving the construction process. In San Diego, CA, Doxel implemented its rover technology into a project where a multistory medical building was being erected. The rover was able to scan the infrastructure in approximately four to five hours each day and productivity reportedly improved nearly 40 percent on the project and the work was completed well under the estimated budget.

Monthly Subscription Fee

Although Doxel’s advanced technology has just been unveiled, the plan is to implement the services via a monthly subscription fee like most cloud-based services. One day in the near future, this technology may be implemented into all large scale projects. Being able to digitally transfer all the measurable data of a project is an indispensable resource in itself. Any innovation that promotes the production of quality work in a timely fashion should be embraced by the construction industry.

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