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The Hazards of Working Construction After Dark Part 1 featured image

The Hazards of Working Construction After Dark Part 1

While overnight construction work may be convenient for the general populace, it can be incredibly taxing for contractors and construction crews. Exhaustion, low visibility, and dangerous drivers are a potentially deadly mix that night crews must face every shift. 

In this two-part article, a Fort Lauderdale construction lawyer from Cotney Attorneys & Consultants will be discussing the safety hazards present at night and how contractors can mitigate them. To ensure that your construction site remains compliant with all local and federal laws regarding night work, consult with one of our experienced attorneys from Cotney Attorneys & Consultants. 

Creeping Exhaustion 

Your workers could be falling asleep while operating dangerous equipment, moving vehicles, or heavy machinery. Even with time, many workers never truly adjust to the night shift. These workers are likely drinking copious amounts of coffee and struggling to stay awake. If you are concerned that exhausted members of your workforce present an on-site hazard, consult with a Fort Lauderdale construction lawyer

Low Visibility and Glare

All of the hazards that are present during the day are still there at night. The only difference is that your workers will be working with low visibility. While bright lights can help, they will never be able to mimic sunlight. Additionally, the glare of artificial lighting and passing car lights can blind workers and lead to a severe injury.  

Dangerous Road Work

If you’ve spent any amount of time driving in Florida, you would know that the Sunshine State is filled with unsafe drivers. In fact, Florida is the most dangerous state for pedestrians due to traffic fatalities. Consequently, construction workers near roadways are at risk of being struck by impaired and distracted drivers.  

In order to keep workers safe from the above hazards, construction firms will need to not only impose safety standards, but also take steps to limit worker exhaustion. As we continue to part two, we will discuss how contractors can mitigate the above hazards on construction sites. For any questions regarding compliance with federal laws regarding worker safety, consult with the Fort Lauderdale construction lawyers from Cotney Construction Law. 

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