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The Importance of Instituting Safety Management Systems

Many different things can go wrong on a construction site and it may not always be easy to avoid an accident. As an construction company owner, you have the responsibility to ensure the safety of your employees on your worksite. Developing a comprehensive safety management system (SMS), inclusive of corporate policies, plans, and responsibilities, will go a long way to mitigate worksite risk and can help to reduce the need for a Nashville contractor lawyer.

Align All Areas of Construction

Following safe operating procedures to meet OSHA standards is critical to minimizing serious liability. It is important to encompass and align all areas of construction, including subcontractors, suppliers, customers, and the public, when developing an effective safety management system. Our contractor attorneys in Nashville have found that addressing personal safety as well as process safety through a proactive plan like an SMS helps to reduce workplace injury.

Creating a Safety Climate

It may be time to audit and optimize your safety protocols if your employees are experiencing increased onsite injuries. Typically, worksite accidents involve the mishandling or misuse of equipment. Create a safe working environment by maintaining regular maintenance agreements for aging machines and provide specialized training for those using the equipment. As part of your safety management system, keep a detailed record of all services conducted on worksite machinery and include any emergency system shut-down instructions.

Employee Health and Well-being

A comprehensive safety management system that is updated, managed, and put to use on a jobsite, can positively impact employee  health and well-being. An effective safety plan will identify jobsite safety hazards and describe methods that can be used to minimize those risks. Should your staff experience a worksite injury, make sure to speak to a contractor attorney in Nashville for legal guidance.

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