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The Key Factors That Appeal to Women in Construction Part 2 featured image

The Key Factors That Appeal to Women in Construction Part 2

With today’s problematic labor shortage, it’s important now more than ever to appeal to the millennial workforce, and especially, women. Our Florida construction attorneys believe that by allowing women to lead, encouraging work-life balance, and offering programs for advancement are key factors that will draw more women to the industry. This article concludes our series, please read part one to learn more.

Allow Them to Lead

Like any career field, many women may seek out opportunities to lead in construction but may be met with challenges. However, as the industry continues to create and enforce an environment of diversity, many women will begin to move up the ladder of success to managerial and executive roles.

Also, women who are already established in the construction industry can mentor other women (young and older) who may be vacillating about a career in construction. Getting other women excited about the field builds our future workforce and motivates them to be successful.

Work-life balance

The construction industry is known for being demanding and often requires workers to put in long hours. However, work-life balance is becoming non-negotiable for employees. The majority of women in the workforce have children under the age of 18 and need to work in environments that understand the need for this balance. Women should not be penalized for having obligations outside of work.

Training programs for advancement

When workers aren’t afforded the opportunity to learn new things, stagnation and frustration can become a problem. Women in construction have a desire to excel in their career like their male counterparts. Due to changing regulations and safety standards in the construction industry, it is critical that these programs be provided often. Beyond this, women should be afforded the equal opportunity and access to training and advancement programs.

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