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The Keys to Better Document Control Part 2

Many construction professionals will agree that construction documents form the core of all projects. Without them, work will go undone and we would see an influx of payment disputes. Not to mention that construction documents are critical for refuting and disputing claims. This is why good document control practices are vital for every construction business. A Boca Raton construction lawyer will be more than happy to assist you with document control as it relates to staying in compliance for recordkeeping purposes. This section will focus on keeping accurate records and a reliable system for changes. Read part one for the beginning of the article.

Keep Accurate and Identifiable Documentation

During a construction project, parties have different objectives, complex activities are occurring, and detailed planning and coordination are involved in the process. Contractors must keep accurate records of plans, specifications, bid documents, approved change orders, inspection reports, as well as certificates of payment and completion. It is critical that documents are uniquely coded and identifiable for easy tracking. Today’s construction projects can be contentious leading to all kinds of disputes. Documentation also goes through multiple revisions, making accuracy all the more important. Inaccuracy impacts all parties. If you find yourself involved in arbitration or litigation, your project documentation can make or break your case. Consult with a Boca Raton construction lawyer to ensure you are meeting federal recordkeeping standards.

Have a System for Changes

Documentation is no good if it is not orderly and complete. Whether you use a traditional paper filing system or a digital filing system, you need an efficient system for document storage and retrieval. Building files using dates, client names, or project names, helps you save and find documents quickly. Changes are to be expected on every construction project, so a system for changes is necessary so that communication can happen quickly. Without a good system in place, you leave your projects open to negligent design, construction delays, or costly construction defects.

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