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The Keys to Setting Your Construction Bids Apart Part 1 featured image

The Keys to Setting Your Construction Bids Apart Part 1

As a construction company, you most likely already know that successfully obtaining business through contract bidding can be a great way to secure long-term work and steady cash flow for years. In order to win a bid, you not only need to know where to look for good bid projects, but you also need to know how to outshine your competitors. In this section and part two, our Memphis construction attorneys will share some tips for setting your bid apart.

Provide a Positive Customer Experience

No matter what your business entails, we all strive to do one thing—satisfy our customers. A customer-centric mindset is essential when pursuing bids. The client has the final say on construction bids, and if you want to be the winning bidder, you must study the customer and understand their needs. A few key areas to focus on include understanding job requirements, flexibility regarding solutions, a quality-service mindset, and keeping within the project budget. Good service separates you from your rivals and elevates you above the competition.

Push Back When Necessary

A “the customer is always right” mentality is necessary when operating any business. It is always good to go the extra mile for your clients, but you have to draw a line in the sand between being flexible and overly lenient. The customer may want what they want, but sometimes they may not fully understand what the project entails. You are the expert. You know what it takes to perform a job considering factors such as safety, quality, and realistic scheduling and budgeting.

Show How You Will Provide Value

A bid is a tool of persuasion that shows how you will provide value. If you fail to show the customer the value you can add, your bid is lacking and will likely get passed over. Go above and beyond describing your company’s capabilities and illustrating the type of results you will deliver (numbers and percentages are the way to go). Customers need to be persuaded to choose you, so state your expertise and provide them with a rundown of the benefits of working with you.  

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