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The Keys to Setting Your Construction Bids Apart Part 2 featured image

The Keys to Setting Your Construction Bids Apart Part 2

If you’re bidding on a job, you are likely not the only pro in the mix. You may feel that you are at a disadvantage especially if you are bidding against a larger company. How will you cut through the competition to win the job? There are ways to give yourself an edge in the bidding process; use the tips in this section and part one provided by our Memphis contractor lawyers.   

Offer Options

Staying flexible during the bid process is essential. In the event of extenuating circumstances, alternative recommendations can be very valuable to the customer. Customers need options in case they do not know exactly what they want. As an expert, you should explain the pros and cons of the options you provide.

Specificity is Key

Tailoring the bid to the customer’s specific needs will put you ahead of the competition. Every project is unique, so a templated bid does little to show that you understand the customer. This will take some research and great interpersonal skills to gauge the customer’s needs. With this information, you can fully account for project development, materials, labor, and other expenses.  

Use the Right Technology

Producing quality bids is already a challenge. Without the proper tools in place, you will end up producing lackluster bids. Here is where technology comes into play. The right software solutions will improve the quality of your deliverables and help produce high-quality bids. Be sure to research software technologies such as an all-in-one estimation platform, project management, and instant bid summary, to make your workflow more efficient and to take your bid estimating to the next level.  

At Cotney Construction Law, we know that it can be tough to navigate the bid process. Our Memphis contractor lawyers understand the intricacies of the bidding process, and we assist construction companies in every phase, including bid disputes and protests.

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