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The Keys to Successful Client Relations in Construction

Upon entering a construction project agreement, a contractor’s first priority should be providing a satisfactory client experience. The formula for achieving this includes maintaining excellent communication with clients, exceeding expectations, and keeping accurate documentation.

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Exceptional Communication

Timely and efficient client communication is vital. Although you have deadlines to meet, avail yourself to your clients to show that their satisfaction is important to you. Transparency is also essential. Your clients should always know what is going on with projects from conception to completion. They will have ideas and concerns, so it is important to make them feel that these concerns matter to you. Also, communicate the potential for things to not go as planned. Clients need to understand that no project will run 100 percent smoothly all of the time, but assure them that you have measures in place to eliminate and control unexpected variables.

Managing and Exceeding Expectations

With so many things happening on the construction site at any given time, it is easy for misunderstandings to occur. Clear communication is one of the best ways to manage your clients’ expectations. Collaborate in the early stages of the project, clearly define the scope of the contract, and set firm limits. Be realistic about the project schedule and explain what you can and cannot do. To exceed your clients’ expectations, hone in on your client’s needs and what they value most, and focus on delivering exceptional results.

Accurate and Consistent Documentation

Maintaining accurate and consistent documentation is an essential component of a construction project. It is not only about protecting yourself, but also about being transparent with clients. Project documentation is an effective method of risk management as it is the framework upon which a construction claim is built. It can literally make or break a construction claim.

Anything can go wrong during a construction project. Instead of relying on the memory of another worker or client, documentation provides the needed facts surrounding an issue or legal dispute. Documentation includes photos, video inspections, signed change orders, a list of subcontractors and the work they performed, construction plans, descriptions of materials used, among other critical documentation.

Running a successful construction business is about more than just winning bids and making great money; a successful construction business is one that leaves a trail of satisfied clients.

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