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The Keys to Winning More Bids Part 2

Losing a bid can happen for a number of reasons, but often, bids are lost because another contractor is more qualified for the job, your bid is too high, or your bid has errors. Contractors can focus on some key areas to win more bids. Like part one of our article, our Sarasota construction attorneys will be focusing on two additional keys to winning more bids as well as what you can do if you want to defend your award or protest an award.

Meet the Decision-Maker First

Meet the decision maker before you bid. If you know your customer, you’ll be able to figure out how open they are to new bidders, the type of contractors they prefer, and whether they tend to use the same contractor for their projects. You can also determine if they are willing to negotiate, who your competitors are, and what their selection criteria entails.

Know When to Invest in a Bid and When to Pass

When bidding, contractors have to decide on which proposals are worth going after. If you know for a fact that a bid may be out of your league, resist the urge to waste time submitting a proposal unless you feel confident about your chance of winning. This is also why analyzing your bid-hit ratio, knowing how much competition you’re up against, and understanding the customer is important. Plus, knowing your ideal target for contractor overhead, profit fee, and your minimum profit margin can make your estimations more effective.

Defending or Protesting a Winning Bid

A winning bid is a cause for a celebration, but what if a competitor decides to protest your bid? To protect your award you will need to intervene. You and your Sarasota construction lawyer can intervene by submitting a request for intervention to be heard by the GAO. Upon approval, your lawyer will gain access to the Agency Report and you will have the opportunity to respond to any allegations made by the protester. On the other hand, if you are not selected for an award, but feel a bid was improperly awarded, one of our Sarasota construction lawyers will be more than happy to guide you through the process.

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