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The Most Common Causes of Injury That Result in a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Some injuries in the workplace are unavoidable. When an employee suffers a work-related injury or illness, employers should provide the injured employee with a workers’ compensation program. This program is designed to offer financial support to the injured worker and assist them during their recovery process. A workers’ compensation claim can seriously impact a business. Whether it’s a reduced workforce or raised insurance premiums, employers experience many setbacks when workers miss time because of an injury.

If you are an employer and your workforce has experienced an injury, you may require the services of a Florida workers’ compensation defense lawyer. In this brief article, we will discuss some of the most common causes of injury in the workplace that result in a filed claim.

Common Causes of Injury

The Travelers Companies, Inc. reports that from 2010 to 2014, the five most common causes of injury for claims they received included:

  1. Material handling: Lifting, pushing, and carrying heavy materials were the main reasons why a workers’ compensation claim was filed. These types of tasks often result in a strain, sprain, or soft tissue injury that will only heal with time away from work. Material handling injuries are common in manufacturing and retail positions.
  2. Falling injuries: The second most common cause for a claim was associated with slips, trips, and falls. Sadly, falling incidents result in the most workplace deaths annually in the construction industry.
  3. Struck by an object: When workers collide with an object, accidentally strike a co-worker,  or are caught somewhere in-between, this is another common culprit for a claim. It’s important that workers always wear their personal protective equipment (PPE), especially hardhats.
  4. Accidents with tools: Workplaces need to make certain that their employees are only operating tools and equipment they are trained and certified to use. The improper handling of tools or utilization of defective tools can lead to a serious injury.  
  5. Trauma: Any type of injury that develops over time due to tasks performed in the workplace can be considered a trauma injury. It’s important that workers do not overexert themselves and are allowed plenty of breaks.

Following Safety Measures

All of these common causes of injury can result in anything from a soft tissue strain to a fracture or contusion. In extreme cases, a worker can lose their life if safety measures and safety training procedures were not utilized. It’s critical that employers familiarize themselves with the most common causes of injury in the workplace to ensure their workplace is protected. From hiring qualified candidates to onsite training and safety meetings, there are several ways you can reduce the chances of injury in your workplace.

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