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The Opioid Crisis and the Construction Industry Part 2 featured image

The Opioid Crisis and the Construction Industry Part 2

In this four-part article, we are discussing the significant impact the opioid crisis is currently having on the construction industry. When workers are under the influence of pharmaceutical drugs, this can create safety issues for both the workers on site and the general public. As we discussed in the first section, construction workers are more prone to experiencing chronic pain, having substance abuse problems and mental health issues, and, unfortunately, overdosing on opioids.

Legal Issues For Contractors

Contractors may be held liable if a worker, while under the influence, is involved in a workplace accident that results in property damage or a serious injury to a coworker, bystander, or to themselves. In cases where this employee was required to operate heavy machinery, the contractor could even face criminal charges. Construction company employees in leadership positions need to be aware of the symptoms and serious problems a worker under the influence can present to their workplace.

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Of course, another issue entirely is Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) violations. If your workplace is not safe, you could face severe financial penalties. Between costly citations, the need for workplace and public safety, and helping workers with problems, there are many reasons why contractors and construction companies need to closely monitor their workplace for substance abuse. If you are not careful, you may need to contact one of our Jacksonville construction attorneys.

Drug Prevention Techniques

For general contractors and construction company employers, it’s critical that you implement practices that prevent substance abuse at your workplace. With the hard data stating that construction workers are more prone to taking opioids and having a substance abuse problem, it’s important to be proactive about combating the opioid crisis. In the next section and the final section, we will feature many of the best techniques to implement in your workplace to prevent opioid use. These strategies may not only save your company thousands of dollars annually, they may also save someone’s life.

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