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The Opioid Crisis and the Construction Industry Part 4 featured image

The Opioid Crisis and the Construction Industry Part 4

At Cotney Construction Law, we represent construction professionals and offer aggressive defense against Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) citations. Substance abuse can cost a construction company thousands of dollars annually in healthcare expenses, delays, accidents, and citations. If a substance abuse-related accident transpires at your construction site, you will need the services of a Jacksonville construction attorney.

In this four-part article, we are educating you on the importance of ensuring that opioids are not being abused in the workplace. In the first, second, and third sections, we provided you with statistics on substance abuse and preventive measures to take to verify that your workplace is drug-free. In this section, we will discuss how to incorporate educational training and drug testing programs into your workplace.

Educational Training

Workers need to be properly educated on prescription drugs and substance abuse policies in the workplace. If workers are violating these policies, they should be provided with treatment programs to help them get back on track. Whether it’s individual counseling or an outpatient or residential program, the worker’s mental health and addiction to these drugs need to be closely evaluated before they can return to the workforce.

Drug Testing in the Industry

In theory, all construction projects would have mandatory drug testing and every project would be drug-free. However, with many subcontractors hired onto a project, the construction company doesn’t always have the ability to drug test every person at the location. In other words, instituting random or mandatory testing into a project can be a complicated labor employment topic for a construction site. Assuming there are no legal hurdles to leap over, random and mandatory testing can be a great way to address a potential problem and to have a worker seek rehabilitation if they fail a test.

Workplace Bonuses

Construction workforces have a lot of similarities to a sports team. There’s a lot of camaraderie between the workers and most workforces want to “look out” for their collective best interests. In some cases, this means that employees may not report something valid. Some construction sites fiscally reward their employees for providing a safe workplace. This is a tactic that promotes safety and teamwork and gives workers an extra incentive for maintaining a safe work environment.

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