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The OSHA 300A Electronic Deadline is Quickly Approaching Part 2 featured image

The OSHA 300A Electronic Deadline is Quickly Approaching Part 2

Whether there is a workplace injury, death, time missed from work, or a medical treatment was required beyond first aid, all of this information needs to be logged into a summary. This health and safety recordkeeping summary is known as the OSHA Form 300A. With a new provision established by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), by July 1, 2018, most employers will be required to submit their completed 300A summary from 2017 electronically.

OSHA’s Groundbreaking Provision

As we discussed in the first section, OSHA is requiring this “game-changing” electronic submission process as a way to digitally analyze the data and publicly post the results to their website. OSHA believes that this process will enhance the enforcement and compliance process while also providing the general public with access to the relevant safety and health information they desire.

In this section, we will explain how employers can successfully navigate through the application process. Remember, if you require an Alabama OSHA attorney, we are here to offer you accurate legal advice and counsel.

Visit the OSHA Website

The best place to begin the application process is by visiting the OSHA website to determine whether or not your business is required to submit an electronic application. The OSHA website has many helpful links to assist you with completing the application process as well. When you are ready to electronically submit your 300A summary, there are several options to register this data through OSHA’s secure website.

Type in the Data: The least techy way to submit your information is to refer to your 300A summary paperwork and manually enter the information for each section of the “establishment list” into your application. You can then save the data and submit the information upon completion.

Upload the data: A less time-consuming approach is to upload a CSV file or multiple files at a time to create your list of establishments. With the help of a CSV template, you can manage the uploaded data accordingly and the data will automatically upload upon completion.

Application Manager: An even quicker way to submit the necessary data is to utilize an “automated recordkeeping system” that can store the data over the entire year and can then transfer these documents to the secure website. As construction project management continues to become more digital, construction companies should consider upgrading their recordkeeping system to an electronic process to create streamlined solutions for issues like this one. Under the right programming interface, construction professionals will no longer need to go through the arduous process of “submitting data” in the near future.

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