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The Rise of the Bionic Construction Worker Part 1

It’s no secret that the construction industry is experiencing a significant skills shortage. There’s simply not enough interest in construction jobs in the college-centric society of today; however, this could soon change thanks in part to a radical new invention seemingly plucked directly from science fiction. Cinematic classics like Alien and Avatar helped introduce the world to exoskeletons that could be used as tools for construction, and now, Sarcos Robotics is preparing to roll out the real thing. Their first full-body “robosuit,” known as the Guardian XO Max, will take part in the race for the future of building as we know it.

In this two-part series, the South FL contractor lawyers at Cotney Construction Law will detail this impressive technology before explaining its vast implications in part two.

Sarcos Aims for Stronger, Safer Construction Workers

Wearable technologies are more prevalent than ever before. From the most basic piece of personal protective equipment (PPE), like a hard hat, to more advanced wearables, such as cooling vests, wearable technology is one aspect of the construction industry that has continued to grow and flourish. Construction professionals will always be at risk of injuring themselves on project sites, so innovative companies like Sarcos are working tirelessly to create safer workspaces to not only decrease the likelihood of injury but also help attract more workers to the ailing industry.

The American robotics company specializes in creating cutting-edge mechanical devices for use by the military and public. Sarcos is deftly focused on safety, so it was only a matter of time before they developed a robotic exoskeleton capable of protecting its wearer while increasing their abilities and performance. The Guardian XO Max allows its operator to lift and carry 200 pounds or less for extended periods of time, affording construction workers the ability to complete certain tasks much more quickly and with less risk than ever before.

$175 Million in the Making

BIM+ reports that the Guardian XO Max cost $175 million to research and develop. Over the last 17 years, Sarcos has worked in the shadows to deliver an exoskeleton that meets the needs of every construction worker. The company plans to release the robosuit commercially by 2020. The prospect of seeing a dozen or more people in robosuits working together to build structures is inherently exciting and indicates that our society is finally starting to resemble the future as depicted in science fiction books and movies.

To learn more about the Guardian XO Max and the effect it could have on the construction industry as a whole, read part two.

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