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The Role of Technology in Recruiting the Next Generation of Construction Professionals Part 2

In order to build the infrastructure of the future, the construction industry needs to beef up its recruitment efforts. In this three-part article series, the Jacksonville construction lawyers of Cotney Attorneys & Consultants are discussing ways to attract the next generation of workers through technological recruitment tactics. In the first section, we focused on many of the excuses for not implementing new strategies into the workforce. In this section, we will shift our focus to how the industry can recruit the next generation of talented construction professionals by using technology as a way to attract and train new workers.

Teenagers and Technology by the Numbers

In order to successfully recruit the next generation of talented construction professionals, construction companies must understand how young men and women utilize technology today in their personal lives. According to a study by, 85 percent of teenagers frequently use YouTube compared to only 51 percent who are active Facebook users. Other interesting statistics include: 45 percent of teens are online “almost constantly,” 97 percent of teenage boys play video games, and 95 percent of teens access a smartphone from home.

Ways to Attract Teenagers to Construction

Understanding rapidly evolving trends in technology use by teenagers is critical for developing recruitment tools that can attract them to the construction industry. Here are some ways we can utilize technology to benefit recruitment efforts:   

  • Separate Yourself from Your Competition: Millennials and teenagers expect technology to be involved in their daily life. Successful companies find ways to separate themselves from the pack by implementing technology into their business practices. As we will discuss in the third section, there are many technical training programs that educate workers of all ages by utilizing the newest software.   
  • Marketing Technology: With a reputation as a blue-collar and undesirable industry for young prospective workers, it’s important that construction companies market their tech potential to the next generation of workers. Promoting tech in construction begins on the high school level and can span to internships once they graduate.
  • Gamification: Gamification is an emerging and useful training tool that helps young men and women effectively retain knowledge through the use of interactive elements. With the popularity of video games, this type of software is being implemented into education software programs in construction.

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