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The Structure Of A Pre-Bid Meeting

During the construction bid preparation process there will typically be a pre-bid meeting. As Jacksonville construction lawyers, we understand that the pre-bid meetings are held mostly to give bidders the chance to clarify any concerns they might have. Some common concerns that need clarification are the scope of work and the solicitation documents. In this article we will further discuss the structure of pre-bid meetings in the construction industry.

Who Conducts the Pre-Bid Meetings?

In the construction industry, pre-bid meetings are typically conducted by the procuring entity, and the pre-bid meetings are always held at a previously agreed upon venue. In most cases, the procuring entity will run the pre-bid meeting, and will prepare the agenda for the meeting. While attendance for pre-bid meetings are not mandatory, it’s recommended that potential bidders make time to attend them.

How are the Meetings Conducted?

The agenda that is prepared by the procuring entity usually follows this structure:

1. The meeting will start with an introduction and opening remarks.
2. Following that, will be a presentation on the procurement aspect of the requirement.
3. The next portion of the meeting will consist of a Q & A on the procurement aspects.
4. Next will be a presentation on the technical aspects of the requirement.
5. Followed by a Q & A on the technical aspects.
6. The pre-bid meeting will conclude with closing remarks.

When are Pre-Bid Meetings Held?

Pre-bid meetings are usually held about a week after the invitation for bids announcement has been made. It’s held at least a week after to give the potential bidders the time to come up with questions and concerns before presenting them at the meeting. The bidders will have had time to read the solicitation document and be prepared for the meeting.

Where are Pre-Bid Meetings Held?

As mentioned earlier, the pre-mid meeting will be held at an agreed upon location. However, there are a few guidelines in place to choose the location. The meeting venue should be held somewhere that is easily accessible to the target market. It’s typically a venue that can be rented out, or a government provided facility.

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