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The Texas Roofing Registration Bill has Died

Hurricane Harvey absolutely devastated southern Texas just a couple of years ago, causing widespread flooding and damage to homes and businesses. Fraudulent roofing contractors soon flooded into the state to take advantage of owners who no longer had a roof over their heads. All proposed legislation to curb roofing fraud in Texas has failed, and recent efforts have proven just as fruitless. Below, a roofing attorney in Texas will be discussing House Bill 2101, why it was struck down, and what it means for roofers in the Lone Star State. If you have been accused of roofing fraud, consult with a roofing lawyer in Texas immediately.

Texas Roofing Regulation

Currently, Texas has no roofing regulations in place. In fact, Texas is the only state on the Gulf Coast without regulations to protect consumers from fraudulent roofing contractors. Lawmakers attempted to remedy this by drafting House Bill 2101. This bill would require roofing contractors in Texas to register with the state, in the hopes of creating an informative and reliable database of roofing contractors for consumers to choose from. Under this law, roofing contractors would be required to submit their name, address, and a $250 registration fee to be listed in the database.

Those who opposed the bill claim it would have been a waste of taxpayer money as there are consumer organizations, such as the Better Business Bureau, that already aid consumers in making informed decisions regarding whom to contract with. Additional criticisms include the belief that the bill would fail to protect consumers, pass on costs to taxpayers, and adversely affect small roofing companies.

Protect Your Business

While House Bill 2101 has died, Texas roofing contractors aren’t off the hook. Home and business owners will continue to look at online reviews to decide which roofer should work on their property. The only way for your roofing company to thrive in Texas is to go above and beyond for your customers and provide reliable service.

Failing to abide by state and federal laws could result in a roofing contractor losing their license, incurring heavy fines, and even receiving jail time. If you are a contractor in the state of Texas, it is as important as ever that you conduct your business in a lawful, ethical, and outstanding manner. This can be accomplished, in part, by consulting the experts at our Texas law firm. To protect your roofing company from legal threats, partner with a roofing lawyer in Texas.  

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