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Thermochromism and Construction Design

Although the term “thermochromism” isn’t a household name, it may one day be incorporated into the design of many of our homes. As Florida construction attorneys, we are always interested in the newest or most innovative designs that are being integrated into projects. After all, what’s considered an unorthodox design concept today may be a common way of approaching projects in the near future. In this article, we will discuss the impact that thermochromic materials may have on project designs in the near future.

What is Thermochromism?

Generally, when a temperature changes, the material itself does not aesthetically change in any way, shape, or form along with the climate change. Thanks to the application of either liquid crystals or leuco dyes, thermochromism is the process of a material that can change colors along with the temperature. Mood rings, beverages that have those “blue for cold” icons, even some forms of color-shifting tie dye-shirts are all examples of thermochromism at work. In recent years, thermochromism has been integrated into a variety of advanced artistic and industrial projects as well. The technology can be admired in the form of color-changing paint applied to automobiles, color-shifting recreational park benches, or even in the tiles in our showers.

How Can Thermochromism Be Applied to Construction?

In the Sunshine State, where temperatures tend to get extremely humid in the summer months, color-shifting tiles could be applied to a variety of interesting projects. As we mentioned before, a shower that can change colors from a sleek black or dark violet into a blue, green, pink, orange or bright red (as the surface gets warmer and warmer) is certainly an impressive aesthetic to feature in your home. Perhaps a wet bar or swimming pool deck that aesthetically reacts to those scorching summer days or cooler evenings could be another feature that becomes popular in future projects in Florida as well.

Unique Business Opportunity

As Florida construction attorneys, we know that the businesses that can adapt or incorporate cutting-edge practices, designs, or applications into the services they provide also gives clients something unique that their competition cannot offer. Although thermochromic materials are not being utilized in too many projects presently and may not yet be a feasible feature to incorporate into your business, perhaps sometime in the near future this technology will be involved in more and more construction projects. Either way, the concept and potential design schemes that can be utilized will be a pretty cool thing to look out for in the near future.

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