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Time Extension: A Solution for Project Delays

Tallahassee construction law attorneys know all too well the delays that can occur over the course of a construction project. Construction teams may find that despite their best efforts, they may still encounter delays through no fault of their own. This article will discuss time extension requests as a solution for project delays.

Valid Reasons for a Time Extension Request

There are various circumstances which may affect a contractor’s ability to complete a job on schedule. The following are valid issues that warrant a time extension request:

  • Owner related delays such as design changes
  • Legal issues that interfere with completion
  • Adding work not originally included in the Scope of Work
  • Site conditions that are different from project plans
  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Issues affecting a contractor’s performance outside of the contractor’s control

Why Time Extensions May Not Be Honored

Additionally, there are instances when time extensions will not be approved. This could be due to a contractor’s negligence in the area of performance or delays. If there are not enough workers to complete the project or weather is considered normal, this could cause the request to be denied as well.

Key Information to Include in Your Request

The key to ensuring that a time extension request is approved is transparency and communication. At the first sign of a potential delay, the contractor needs to inform the project manager. Project managers need to be keenly aware of what is happening on the job site. From there, the project manager will submit a formal request in writing to the appropriate representative addressing the need for an extension. In the letter, explain:

  • What delay has been encountered
  • Methods used to lessen the delay
  • Identify any schedule and cost adjustments that have been made (i.e., extra overhead costs, time, and equipment)
  • Request additional compensation needed to offset the unexpected setbacks

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