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Tips for Improving Construction Material Efficiency Part 2

Managing materials effectively is essential for greater project productivity and fewer delays. In the first part of our article, our Tallahassee construction lawyers focused on putting safety first and properly training workers to safely handle materials. In this section, we will discuss streamlining deliveries, organizing the jobsite, and relying on experts to help you better manage your materials.

Streamline Deliveries

Your delivery methods directly impact project profitability. As mentioned before, your crew needs the right material at the right time. If materials are not delivered on time, work comes to a screeching halt. When thinking about delivery, the following factors should be considered:

  • Procurement details
  • Pricing details (including delivery costs)
  • When you need the material
  • The minimum order the supplier requires
  • Space availability and storage requirements
  • Type of material handling (manual or mechanical)
  • Timing of material stacking

Site Organization

Construction material costs are already rising; contractors are advised to tighten up their processes to prevent financial and material loss or waste. Organization is key to optimizing your material. Workers should always have what they need when they need it to avoid wasting time. If materials are randomly placed around the site or improperly stored, productivity is bound to decrease because work will be performed at a stop and go pace.

Rely on the Expert

Contractors and distributors rely on one another. Contractors need suppliers to keep their projects going smoothly while distributors need contractors for repeat business. When it comes to streamlining material processes, distributor insight can be invaluable. Distributors can help contractors avoid and solve their material issues in a number of ways. Distributors are the product experts. They can advise contractors on the best materials, suggest material substitutes, and help contractors avoid price increases. They can help contractors keep deliveries on track as well. Manufacturers can also be an ally to contractors by offering advice on how to obtain materials and market themselves to gain more customers.

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