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Tips for Improving Productivity on The Jobsite Part 1 featured image

Tips for Improving Productivity on The Jobsite Part 1

On any given day, a construction site has a large number of people, machinery, and materials moving about. Great organizational skills are needed to keep projects moving at the necessary pace for on-time completion. Unfortunately, with so many factors involved, slowdowns are hard to avoid. These aren’t major delays that are easy to identify, but rather small things like waiting for a piece of machinery or longer than normal lunchtimes that slowly rob projects of their ability to be completed in a timely manner.

The Fort Lauderdale construction lawyers at Cotney Attorneys & Consultants understand how these sort of delays can hurt projects and your business. That’s why we’ve gathered a number of best practices that, when used, can increase the productivity of your workforce. To skip to part 2 of this article, click here.

Resource Planning

One of the biggest detractors from construction site productivity is the availability of equipment. For smaller companies, certain equipment may have to be shared across various parts of a project or even across multiple projects. A plan should be put in place that determines when equipment will be used. Additionally, you should track where equipment will be used and by what personnel. It may not be a perfect science but the more thought that you put into where equipment will go during a project the less likely you are to have costly delays.

Hiring a Project Manager

Having someone onsite to oversee your project, especially if you have multiple projects going on at the same time, is critical. This person will be able to give instruction to subcontractors, deal with any issues, and enforce safety measures. Their effectiveness in doing these activities can greatly increase productivity.

Provide Proper Training

Time is loss when a job is not done correctly. Proper training may take a little more time on the front end, but correcting an issue later takes even more time.

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