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Tips for Improving Productivity on The Jobsite Part 2

The question, “how to be more productive” is a near universal one in business. We all want to get more things done in less time, thus, adding more value to what we do. Never is this truer than in the construction industry, where getting it done on time is a key component of how your are judged. Unfortunately, there are a number of things that can subtly slow projects down, like a lack of resources or inadequate equipment. When this happens, money is lost and business reputations are damaged.

Focusing on ways to be more productivity is key to your business. That’s why our team of Fort Lauderdale construction attorneys have provided tips for increasing productivity on construction sites. These tips are a continuation of some of the best practices provided in part 1 of this series.

Use Better Pay and Incentives

One of the truths of business is that you get what you pay for. If you provide fair or better than fair wages for workers, you increase the likelihood of having a skilled and responsible workforce that will get it right the first time. Also, providing incentives for completing jobs correctly and ahead of schedule is a great tool.

Protecting Resources

Job site theft is not uncommon, but it is damaging. Making sure valuable items like plywood or tools should be a priority. Consider hiring a security or off-duty officer to monitor your site.

Analyze Worker Productivity

Take some time to review everything that goes on at the construction site. Where does it appear that activity slows down. Also, look at when activity slows down. There may be some obvious instances like work slowing down when people are waiting for equipment. However, there may be more subtle slowdowns like the location of equipment or affordable lunch options nearby. This information will be instrumental in figuring out how to increase productivity.

Manage the Condition of Your Equipment

Good equipment helps employees do good work. It’s critical to review the condition of your equipment periodically to make sure it’s in working order. If an item needs to be fixed or replaced, do so quickly. This also boosts employee morale. Workers feel better about the work they do, when they are using good equipment.

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