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Tips for Making Project Planning Easier

The construction site can be daunting in its complexity. Workers of various trades and skill levels, safety concerns, and stakeholder expectations all have to be managed in order to stay on schedule and bring a building to life. A plan is needed to weave the various parts of a project into one cohesive effort. However, because of the complex nature of construction, planning can be one of the biggest challenges a contractor may face.

The following tips are best practices that our Miami contractor attorneys have seen over the years in the construction industry. These tips, when employed, will make the process of planning your project easier. If you are a new contractor, you will find the information most helpful. Even if you have been in the construction industry for years, the information can serve as a reminder.

Collaborate with Other Members of Your Team

The best way to create a plan that accounts for all aspects of a project is by including them in planning. By doing this, you will have a better understanding of the time required to complete each task. Rather than guessing how long it will take to install plumbing, you will get a more accurate answer from the plumbing contractor.

Consider Constraints

Constraints like inclement weather and the workloads of your subcontractors should be accounted for in planning. Adding time to your overall schedule can help to ensure that unexpected occurrences don’t delay your project.

Break Down Complex Tasks Into Simpler Tasks

There are a number of tasks on the construction site that can be broken into smaller tasks. These smaller tasks can strip down the complexity of the larger tasks and make them easier to complete. An easy to understand schedule will increase the likelihood of projects being completed in a timely manner.

Update Project Schedule As Projects Are Completed

The reality of construction projects is that the timeline is fluid. Tasks are rarely completed within the exact timeframe that you’ve planned. It’s critical to adjust your timeline as projects are completed. This way you are always working with the most accurate information, which allows you to make adjustments to your schedule as needed.

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