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Tips for Managing and Avoiding Construction Project Delays

Keeping projects on a schedule has always been a challenge for the construction industry. Although delays are bound to happen, they should be avoided at all costs or at the very least, reduced significantly to avoid costs and disputes. Without proper risk allocation and management, a project is doomed from the start. There are several ways to manage a project effectively and keep it on track, our Tampa construction attorneys share them with you.

Plan Realistically

It’s important to plan projects realistically, and this begins with a realistic project begin and completion date. The start date of a project should be a result of strategic planning with design, worksite evaluation, and pre-construction activities in mind. Additionally, proper planning includes defining work tasks, technology to be used, and the estimation of resources. These are all critical to creating a solid budget and schedule.

The Contract Sets the Tone

Everything begins with the contract so be sure yours is drafted by an experienced Tampa construction lawyer. Understand common delays and plan to manage them within your contract. You’ll want to account for some of the following factors in your contracts:

  • The deadlines for performance at all stages of the agreement
  • The type of delays included under the clause
  • What constitutes a material breach
  • Require advance notice for certain delays
  • Change orders
  • Addition and deletions to the scope of work
  • Define whose performance falls under the clause

Remember, what you agree to at the beginning of your project will affect what happens throughout the project.

Be Prepared to Back Up a Delay Claim

To be successful in a construction case, you must rely on accurate and up-to-date project records and documentation. Good record keeping helps to preserve rights and properly identifies actuals costs and delays. This will require the diligence of key people. The records and documents you keep should be able to support or refute claims by identifying the when, what, where, and how of a resulting delay.

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