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Tips for Managing Construction Projects During the Rainy Season Part 1 featured image

Tips for Managing Construction Projects During the Rainy Season Part 1

If you have been working in the construction industry in the Florida for any length of time, you are well-versed in the issues that summer construction can present. If you are not dealing with afternoon thunderstorms, you’re combatting searing heat. If it’s not 95-degree temperatures, there’s a tropical depression in the Gulf of Mexico. Or worse…

As Sarasota construction attorneys, we’ve worked with hundreds of companies over the years and, unfortunately, we’ve seen numerous delays caused by inclement weather. More specifically, when inclement weather occurs the following issues follow:

  • Wind and rain can damage unfinished buildings.
  • Cranes can’t be used due to high winds.
  • Muddy construction sites make it difficult for heavy machinery to move around.
  • Roofing projects may be delayed due to wind or intense heat.

With so much at stake, construction companies must protect themselves during times of extreme weather. In this two-part series, we will provide tips for managing your construction project during Florida’s rainy season. For more tips, visit part two of this series.

Check your Contract

Primarily, inclement weather can lead to project delays. Project delays can be lead to lost revenue, especially if you are found responsible for the delay. It’s critical to read your contract closely in any situation. However, understanding your contract takes on added importance when heading into summer construction in Florida. Having a Sarasota construction attorney review your contract is always a wise choice. They will determine what provisions are made for delays caused by inclement weather, including what documentation should be provided to file a weather delay claim and whether a time extension or compensation will be granted. In short, a construction attorney will protect your interest in this situation.

Build Time into Your Project Schedule for Inclement Weather

Ultimately, contractors must build time into the project plan to balance time lost due to inclement weather. You have to predict weather delays. Your predictions will be based on past weather patterns in your region. Luckily, project management software can make this task more efficient. Here are a few tips for adjusting your project schedule:

  • Move activities, like roofing and pouring foundation, that are most affected by inclement weather to the latter part of the rainy season.
  • Create larger than standard windows of time for specific tasks.
  • Consider how weather affects the delivery of materials to your construction site.

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