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Tips for Managing Construction Projects During the Rainy Season Part 2 featured image

Tips for Managing Construction Projects During the Rainy Season Part 2

It’s hurricane season in Florida. If you work in the construction industry, you know what that means. Even if your construction site is not hit by a tropical disturbance, you’re likely to face consistently rainy weather when not dealing with intense heat. Either of which can significantly delay your project. From property damage to delaying the use of certain machinery to protecting the health of employees, inclement weather can have a significant impact on construction projects and, thus, has to be considered in planning.

In the part one of this series, we provided a couple of tips for planning your project, including reviewing your contract, which can be done with the help of a Bradenton construction lawyer. The following tips will prepare you for inclement weather during the execution of your project.

Work Around Inclement Weather

As the saying goes, “if you don’t like the weather in Florida, wait a few minutes.” Inclement weather in Bradenton has a tendency to occur in short bursts and happen at the same times each day. Plan activities that can be affected by poor weather around it. Early morning shifts are preferable to midday work, especially when considering extreme heat. Projects can be performed on weekends as well.

Utilize a Weather Forecasting Service

While our weather follows certain patterns, it can still be unpredictable from day to day. Since weather can have a major impact on project schedules, it’s important to use a professional weather forecasting service that can predict when storms will arrive in the area. This service should be able to provide mobile alerts and satellite imagery so that foremen can receive up-to-date, detailed information about local weather. This way, materials can be protected and project schedules can be adjusted.

Protect Construction Site

With the materials around on construction sites, inclement weather can present a safety risk to employees. When you are alerted to rainy weather in the area, workers can place protective sheets on scaffolding and remove loose items such as tools. Items can be stored in areas that are protected from flooding. Also, structures should be tied down. These tasks can protect your site from project-delaying damage as well as injuries and the potential claims that require the help of Bradenton contractor lawyers to defend.

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