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Tips for Managing Multiple Jobsites

One of the great things about having a construction business is watching it grow. As you do good work for clients and they tell others, you build a reputation that leads to an increased workload. Eventually, the moment will come when the demand for your work outgrows your resources. It’s at this point that you will need to hire more people to work on multiple projects. There’s a strong likelihood that you will have several projects going on at the same time.

This is where the challenge begins. Construction sites are busy places and now you have multiple ones. Systems must be put in place to ensure that projects are completed on time and that customers remain happy. You also want to reduce the chance of claims being filed against your company, which an Orlando construction attorney can help you fight against should it ever become an issue.

Managing multiple projects is not easy, but it’s a part of growing your business. Here are a few tips to be more effective when you have workers in more than one area:

Prioritize Your Projects

The reality is that not all projects are created equal. Some are larger in scope or have tighter deadlines and more contingencies. It’s critical to determine which projects are of a higher priority. It’s also good to have a solid rationale behind why projects rank higher. Determining your project priority will inform decisions about your project schedule and how you allocate resources.

Schedule Project Resources

It’s likely that your projects will have to share resources and equipment. Put a schedule in place that best allocates these resources. While it’s nearly impossible to have zero lag time, you want to make sure that workers aren’t waiting for tools for extended periods.

Hire Project Managers

You can’t be all places at once so you need people you trust on the ground to ensure that projects move smoothly. It’s a good practice to hire a current employee that has shown leadership ability to this role. They will already have a familiarity with other employees and the projects. This will make the transition much better and help you grow your company.

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