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Tips for Nail Gun Safety Part 4

Nail guns are powerful tools, but they are also small, common, and easily dismissed. When workers become too casual about how they handle nail guns or have not been properly trained in the first place, injuries may occur.

In Part 1 of this four-part article, we went over some nail gun injury statistics. In Part 2, we dissected how most nail gun injuries happen. In Part 3, we began the discussion on how to proactively prevent nail gun injuries, and today we are here to continue it.

The last thing you want is for an injury to befall your workers. From having to call the worker’s family to needing an Alabama roofing lawyer, the consequences that come with an employee injury are significant.

Establish Proper Nail Gun Procedures

One of the best methods of injury prevention is making sure nail gun work procedures are so firmly established that they become second-nature to your employees.

The following tips may vary from workplace to workplace, but some good general tips include:

  • Check your nail guns (and all other power tools) regularly
  • Remove defective tools immediately
  • Ensure that your employees always have access to labels and instruction manuals
  • Enforce adherence to these manuals
  • Make sure there is someone to whom employees can address any nail gun safety questions

Enforce Nail Gun Safety At All Times

Set the precedence for serious nail gun safety at your jobsite. Remember, when you take the rules seriously, your workers will too.

Here are some general safety guidelines that any jobsite should implement at all times:

  • Never assume that the nail gun is empty
  • Do not ever carry a nail gun with your fingers on the trigger
  • Don’t allow any more workers than needed in the area immediately surrounding the nail gun
  • Never point the tool at anyone, even when empty or disconnected
  • Always aim the nail gun’s line of fire away from yourself and others
  • Double check that your fingers aren’t in the way
  • Make sure the nail gun is always placed against the workpiece firmly
  • Always wear protective equipment, no matter how quick or easy the intended task

Effective nail gun safety policies could help prevent approximately 37,000 emergency room visits every year. Facilitate open communication between your workers and yourself. Encourage questions and let your workers know they can take the time to do things right.

Effective nail gun injury prevention begins with your leadership.

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